Our Model

IC Assist was founded with the mission to provide excellent financial services to all businesses, regardless of size. Too often, small business lack good financial support when compared to their larger competitors. Our model allows access to financial services for any business on a fractional (as-needed) basis. This allows you to choose the services that will have the greatest impact based on your specific needs and budget. From bookkeeping to CFO-level advisory services, our goal is to help your business evolve at every stage of your lifecycle. Whether you are just emerging, expanding, or an already mature business, we tailor our solutions to your needs and empower your evolution.

What’s Your Stage of Financial Evolution?

Stage 01 Emergence

Businesses in the earliest stage of growth with less complex financial needs we consider EMERGING. Do you need help with business entity formation, income/expense tracking, accounting/bookkeeping, and more? LEARN MORE

Stage 02 Expansion

EXPANDING businesses are further along in their lifecycle, typically employing larger teams and managing complex transactions. We assist with tax reporting, internal controls, profitability analysis, cash management, and more. LEARN MORE

Stage 03 Maturity

MATURE businesses have the most complex financial needs, often dealing with large teams, national or international offices and transactions, and more. We provide strategic financial decision-making and analysis to advise on things like buying & selling, partner equity, income & tax analysis, and more. LEARN MORE

Stage 01 Support

Startup Services

Launch your business from a solid financial foundation. Implement sound accounting & bookkeeping practices, establish correct licensing & tax reporting, and more.

Stage 02 Support

Business Services

Position your business in a place of strength and resiliency. Establish effective internal controls, tax and profitability analysis, cash management, employee training, and more.

Stage 03 Support

Advisory Services

Steer your business with impactful financial decisions today. Get advice on partner equity, buying & selling strategies, income & tax analysis, employee hiring, and more.


Who We Are.

We believe that every business, no matter the size, should have access to impactful financial resources. Every business needs strong accounting support and CFO-level services at some point in order to evolve.

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Growth begins with financial clarity. We’re here to simplify your finances and chart a path towards massive success.